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VIN Viper lets you quickly scan and decode VIN's with our revolutionary VIN scanning technology so that you can easily access used car values, auction transactions and CARFAX reports.

Scan and Decode Any VIN

VIN Viper scans and decodes VIN barcodes instantly. Simply place the reader over any VIN barcode and in seconds VIN Viper accurately decodes any VIN.

FREE Integration With Your CARFAX Account

FREE Integration With
CARFAX / AutoCheck VHR

Access CARFAX / Autocheck reports in seconds at auctions or at your lot
(Note: You must have an existing account)

Take Pictures

Take Multiple Photos

Take multiple photos of vehicles and they are saved with the vehicle on your device and online!

Make Notes and Assign Values

Make Detailed Notes and
Assign an Appraisal Value

Improve the accuracy of your appraisal with detailed notes about the vehicle.

Access To Every
Major Guidebook

VIN Viper has partnered with every major guide book provider so you can access your trusted resourced for used car values and actual auction transactions.

Access Auction Values Free

Access Auction Values* Free

Access auction values for free using your dealer's auction account (must be signed up with at least one guide book for free auction access)

Advertise Vehicles on Facebook

Advertise Vehicles
on Facebook

Publish vehicles as news feeds with the push of a button. Customers can easily view all the necessary vehicle data, photos and the complete CARFAX report.

Desktop Suite

Desktop Suite

Access your account with your mobile
device or online to quickly book out cars, create appraisals or monitor mobile scans
in real-time!

VIN Viper Online Features
Manually enter a VIN to create a new appraisal
Syncs all scans and saves them real-time in
your online account
Create dynamic reports - select the values and
guidebooks you want - and then print, fax or
e-mail it in seconds

Download VIN Viper
Right Now For FREE

Information about "VIN Viper Pro"

In addition to the software version that is available for the iPhone and Android platforms, SeligTech also sells a professional version of VIN Viper that is bundled with a commercial grade smartphone. VIN Viper Pro allows industry professionals to scan voluminous amounts of data using a two-dimensional bar code scanner that it is processed in a multi-thread environment, which enables this commercial grade product to literally scan and retrieve values for hundreds of VIN's in minutes.

The iPhone and Android platforms offer plenty of computing power for the daily user and VIN Viper Pro is also used by independent and franchise dealers, floor planning companies, car rental companies and wholesalers.